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How to use forks in sports betting

The scheme of the bookmaker's offices is built in such a way that it is almost impossible to win over a long distance. One of the few strategies that allow you to constantly win on the bets is a bookmaker's forks. When using this method of betting, the player does not need to follow the course of events, because in the end, despite the outcome of the meeting, he will still get his winnings.

Forks in bookmakers' offices: a description of the strategy

A bookmaker's plug is a case when in two different bookmaker's office’s odds for opposite outcomes of the same event are set so that it is possible to bet on both and at any outcome remain in the winnings.

Given the great competition, bookmaker's offices are sometimes forced to inflate the odds so that they compare favourably with competitors' quotations and are more attractive to betting fans. It is in such cases and a situation can arise when two opposite outcomes are set so that when betting on both of these outcomes (and winning either of them) it is possible to be in the black.

Examples of opposite outcomes:

  • P1 - P2: victory of team 1 and victory of team 2 (mostly relevant in singles sports).
  • TM (2.5) - TB (2.5): total less than 2.5 goals and total more than 2.5 goals.
  • F1 (-1.5) - F2 (+1.5): minus handicap of team 1 and handicap of team 2 with the same value.

Suppose, before a soccer match one bookmaker office gives a bet on TB 2.5 (total more than 2.5 goals) with odds 2.11, and the opposite bet on TM 2.5 (total less than 2.5 goals) with odds 2.07. This is the case when with any number of goals in the match (TB 2.5 or TM 2.5) the player who has bet on both outcomes will remain in profit.

Search for forks in bookmaker offices

When "forking" was gaining momentum, people were manually figuring out the differences in the odds by calculating the amounts to bet on a simple calculator. Today, you can find a fork both independently and with the help of special services. To understand whether you are looking for a fork or not, you can use a formula.

How to play on the bookmaker's forks. To play on the found a fork, it is necessary to determine the size of the bets on the selected opposite events. To do this, you can use both the online bookmaker's forks calculator and the formula:

  • (1 : QF : B) x B = C
  • KF - odds on the outcome (KF1 or KF2)
  • C - the value of the fork
  • B - bank, assigned for playing on this particular fork
  • C - stake size (we calculate in turn С1 and С2)

Live Forks .

Besides those forks that are formed before the match, players follow the changes of quotes in real-time. The more convenient that the percentage of net profit is much higher. Moreover, it is more difficult for bookmakers to trace the "forked" players in this period. However, this method of play has its disadvantages: in "live" mode, the odds change very quickly, respectively, you can not have time to make a bet. Otherwise, the game on the forks in live mode is the same as in "pre-match" mode (before the event).

Pros and cons of playing on the arbs in bookmakers' offices

The main advantage of "forking", as already mentioned, is the player's profit in any outcome of a sporting event. However, there is also a disadvantage that you need to be aware of before deciding to search for a fork in the bookmakers' offices.

"Forking" is strictly prohibited by all bookmakers. A player who uses forks runs the risk of being left with nothing. To prevent dishonest earnings on the part of players in the bookmakers' offices there are whole groups of specialists who monitor the activity of accounts. If there is even the slightest suspicion that a player is playing on the fakes, the account is immediately blocked until the circumstances are clarified. In most cases, bookmaker's offices simply cut the maximum amounts for betting and cancel the winnings.

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